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The emphasis in the work of control and oversight bodies is shifted towards the prevention of violations

The Committee for State Control held the third meeting of the Interdepartmental Council on Control (Oversight) Activities.

The main topic of the meeting was issues related to the measures taken by the control and oversight bodies to implement the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus No. 376 of October 16, 2017 “On measures to improve the control (oversight) activities”.

During the discussion was analyzed the reducing the number of audits and inspections of business entities in 2018 in connection with the adoption of Decree No. 376.

The head of the Council, the Chairman of the State Control Committee Leonid Anfimov noted that this year the work of the auditors is carried out in the new conditions. Significantly reduced the number of audits and inspections. The emphasis in the work of auditors is shifted towards the prevention of violations.

Most of the control and oversight bodies moved to the control in the form of monitoring and technical (technological, verification) measures, the main purpose of which is to prevent possible violations. A distinctive feature of such inspections is that, based on their results, in the case of the primary detection of violations in the activities of the business entity and the elimination of these violations, administrative measures are not applied.

In view of the significant number of this type of control measures, the Council paid close attention to the observance by the control (oversight) bodies of the rule of law in their conduct.

The Council considered the establishment of a legal framework for the planning of inspections based on an assessment of the risk level of the subject’s activities.  The Council also examined the preliminary results of the planning of selective inspections for the first half of 2019.

The system of  selective inspections is introduced in Belarus from January 1, 2019. At its core is a risk-oriented approach when selecting business entities for inspections. The entities for such inspections are determined on the basis of risk assessment criteria, which are developed by each control and oversight body.

The plan of selective inspections agreed upon by all state bodies authorized to conduct inspections will be posted on the official website of the State Control Committee before December 15, 2018.

Also during the meeting, the main activities of the Council for 2019 were reviewed.

Reference Information

The Interdepartmental Council for Control (Oversight) Activities was established under the Committee of State Control to coordinate the activities of all control and oversight bodies of the country.

The activities of the Council are aimed at ensuring uniform application of the requirements of the law in the implementation of control (oversight) activities, its ordering and reducing the number of  inspections of business entities, as well as the formation of progressive directions of control and oversight.

The Council is headed by the Chairman of the State Control Committee. The Council consists of the heads of the control and oversight bodies, as well as representatives of the business community.
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