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Representatives of the Committee of State Control took part in the Youth EUROSAI Conference

Representatives of the State Control Committee of Belarus took part in the Youth EUROSAI Conference, held in London (United Kingdom).

Currently, a significant amount of information is available, technologies for its storage, access and analysis are constantly developing. There are also changes in both social and political spheres.

The conference addressed the common problems that the SAIs of European countries are facing today. The participants of the event exchanged existing practices, projects and innovations, and also developed the main directions that the SAI should follow in order to always be relevant for the society, governments, and media.

During the event, the employees of the State Control Committee of Belarus held a seminar on the theme: “Liberalization of control activities in the Republic of Belarus”, which highlights the main aspects of optimizing the control and supervision system.

The youth conference was attended by about 100 delegates from the SAIs of Europe, the President of EUROSAI, as well as the leaders of the SAIs of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Finland and the Netherlands.
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