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Representatives of tax (financial) investigations bodies of France and Spain visited Financial Investigations Department of the State Control Committee

 Workshop on bodies for tax (financial) investigations organized by TAIEX of the European Commission was held in Minsk. It was attended by heads of financial investigations bodies of the State Control Committee.
In his opening speech Deputy Chairman of the State Control Committee - Director of the Financial Investigations Department Igor Marshalov noted that the need to improve the methods and forms of fight against economic crimes become international. Taking into account the positive experience of joint activities with colleagues from CIS countries, he expressed confidence that the experience of European countries in the fight against economic crime will be also useful.
Experts from Spain and France Isabel Espejo Poyato and Franсk Benoit presented the information about the competence and capabilities of the tax (financial) investigations bodies in Spain and France, their experiences, techniques and methods of combating economic crime. Of particular interest was the information about the practice of Internet using by French colleagues.
So, Franck Benoit noted the high level of interaction of state bodies of France, forming an extensive system for combat tax evasion, including at three levels (national, regional and local) nearly 200 bodies.
Wide mandate of French tax (financial) investigations body and obligation of the tax payers to provide relevant information and documents have led to the fact that one of the main methods of detecting non-payment of taxes is to analyze of the available data and compare them with each other without direct "on-site" inspection of entity.
Both experts noted that in France and Spain, a considerable amount of analytical work is formalized and made using special software.
Isabel Espejo Poyato, having experience in managing the system of financial investigations bodies in Spain, noted that most of the identified facts of tax evasion in the country is the result of analytical work with existing databases and documents. At the same time in Spain a significant role is given to training of staff.

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TAIEX is the Technical Assistance and Information Exchange instrument of the European Commission. TAIEX promotes the exchange of experience and best practice in different ways (workshops, expert missions, study visits).
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