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Leonid Anfimov took part in the forum "Slovak Days in Grodno"

Chairman of the State Control Committee Mr. Leonid Anfimov took part in the forum "Slovak Days in Grodno" that was held on May 31, 2018 in the Administration of the free economic zone "Grodnoinvest".

The goal of the forum was the development of bilateral cooperation between the Slovak Republic and the Republic of Belarus in the field of economy, trade and scientific and technical cooperation. 
The forum was attended by the representatives of the business community, ministries and state institutions of the two countries.

Leonid Anfimov addressed the forum participants, noting the intensification of the political dialogue, interdepartmental and interregional ties between two countries.

Leonid Anfimov said that "The forum is an excellent and in-demand platform for communication, where we can consider topical issues of the Belarusian-Slovak trade and economic cooperation, possible directions for expanding business cooperation, and prospects for implementing joint high-tech projects".

He noted a significant contribution of the Ambassador of the Slovak Republic in the Republic of Belarus Mr. Jozef Migaš to the development of the Belarusian-Slovak relations, including the cooperation between the Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs).

In particular, over the past two years, the heads of the SAIs of the two countries exchanged official visits; a Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between the SAIs of Belarus and Slovakia. In 2017 the representatives of the State Control Committee participated in two international seminars on topical audit issues organized by the SAI of Slovakia. Currently, the state auditors of Belarus and Slovakia conduct a parallel monitoring and audit on the issue of electronic trading in public procurement in the social sphere, the results of which will be summed up by the parties at a joint seminar.

Leonid Anfimov emphasized that the joint work of the SAIs of two countries brings concrete benefits, as well as the current forum, which provides an opportunity for a meaningful, constructive discussion of a wide range of issues.
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