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Delegation of the Financial Investigations Department visited Italy

The delegation of the Financial Investigations Department headed by the chief of the division of the Financial Investigations Department in Brest region Yuri Demko visited Italy by the invitation of their Italian colleagues.
Belarusian experts studied the organization of the activities of the Financial Guard of Italy(Guardia di Finanza), including its objectives and functions, as well as the available options in detecting financial crimes.
During the visit, the heads of the Financial Guard of Italy and its subsidiaries presented to the Belarusian colleagues information on the organization and methods of work. The national interests of Belarus require constant improvement of the system of measures to combat financial crime, so the experience of other countries is very useful for Financial Investigations bodies of Belarus.
The visit is carried out within the framework of TAIEX program which is a tools for Technical Assistance and Information Exchange of the European Commission.
The Financial Investigations Department is actively engaged in the TAIEX program since 2015.
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