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Delegation of the Financial Investigation Department of the State Control Committee took part in the international forum in Ukraine

 The delegation of the Financial Investigation Department of the State Control Committee, headed by the Deputy Director 
Viktor Franskevich, took part in the II International Forum “Financial and Customs Security of Ukraine: Informational, Analytical, Regulatory and Institutional Support”. The event took place on the basis of the University of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine (Irpen, Ukraine). The conference was also attended by representatives of the European Union Advisory Mission and the Investigative Service of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia.

The participants exchanged the experience of organizing information and analytical activities, best practices in combating crime in the economic sphere.

Following the results of the international forum, practical recommendations were developed on ensuring the financial and customs security of the state, the forms and methods of applying information and analytical decision support systems in the implementation of control activities, conducting financial and tax investigations, and financial intelligence.

During the visit, Viktor Franskevich held working meetings with Acting Head of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine Aleksandr Vlasov and the head of the tax police Sergey Bilan where discussed topical issues of interaction and information exchange in the field of combating transnational economic crimes. It was also about fixing the mechanisms of such interaction in the relevant bilateral agreement.
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