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Collegium of the State Control Committee summed up the results of work in 2015

The Collegium of the State Control Committee summed up the results of work in 2015 and identified the main directions of activity in 2016.
In 2015 the State Control Committee has continued the work for strengthening of Belarusian economic security, finding and suppress of systemic law violations, identification of negative trends and reserves in the economy and social sphere. SAI's activity was focused on quality of audits and their effectiveness.
In 2015 the State Control Committee conducted 1.5 thousand of audits. In general, over the past 10 years the State Control Committee has reduced in 9 times the number of conducted audits but the effectiveness of SAI’s activity hasn’t declined.
In 2015 the bodies of the State Control Committee have returned more than BYR 2.1 trillion from unfair economic entities to State budget (1.5 times more than in 2014).
Thanks to preventive measures the State Control Committee has prevented unjustified payments of public funds in the amount of nearly BYR 1.6 trillion.
The SAI’s activity was focused on wide and multi-faceted range of issues: budget, state property, national resources. The State Control Committee conducted audits and analyzed the work of all sectors of economy and social sphere. A special attention was given to the control over executing of the President's instructions.
In 2015 the State Control Committee conducted more than 1.1 thousand monitorings and made 2 thousand recommendations to remedy violations. Most of them have been implemented by the subjects of monitoring.
Financial police and financial intelligence also made important contributions to the results of work of the State Control Committee. Their main efforts were focused on countering false business.
In 2015 financial police revealed more than 1.3 thousand сrimes (number of revealed crimes increased by 27.6%) and stopped the activities of 21 organized criminal groups. The number of revealed corruption crimes in the economic sphere increased significantly. 203 corruption crimes were revealed in 2015. Necessary measures were taken to suppress the facts of criminal bankruptcy and debt evasion and 220 crimes were revealed in this field.
Financial Intelligence of the State Control Committee worked actively on identifying of suspicious financial transactions and suppression of the facts of money laundering. With the use of financial intelligence information, regulatory and law enforcement agencies of Belarus revealed 448 crimes and have returned BYR 313 billion to the State budget.
A great importance is given to the work with citizens. Through the intervention of the State Control Committee, many private problems of citizens have been solved.
In 2016 control activities will be carried out in spheres where there are risks or signs of financial irregularities, and first of all with the aim of their preventing. State Control Committee will strictly require from all entities to comply financial discipline.
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