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State control bodies of Belarus celebrate 95th Anniversary

On August 2, 2014 Belarusian state auditors celebrate 95 years from the moment of creation of the first state control bodies of Belarus and the State Control Committee’s 20th Anniversary.
The first control body - the State Control Commissariat of the Provisional Workers 'and Peasants' Soviet Government of Belarus was created in 1919.
During the existence the control bodies have changed its name many times but its main tasks and functions remain the same - control over observance of the legislation, the identification of potential for economy, the fight against violators of discipline.
Countdown of the modern history of state control in the Belarus was begun on August 2, 1994 after creation of the Control Service under the Administration of the President of the Republic of Belarus. It was replaced by the Control Service of the President of the Republic of Belarus, and the State Control Committee of Belarus was created in 1996.
The Committee reports directly to the President of the Republic of Belarus and aims to ensure the economic security of the State.
As defined in the constitution of Belarus, the Committee's tasks include examining the fulfillment of the instructions of the President, executing complex measures for the detection of systemic violations of the law, exercising state control over effective and efficient use of budgetary funds and state property, and exercising state control over the observance of the acts of the President, the Parliament, the government, and other state bodies governing state property relations and economic, financial, and tax relations.
The Committee also supervises the work of economic and social sectors in order to identify system violations and negative patterns, and discern the conditions that caused them. Special attention is given to crime prevention and the improvement of legislation.
The organizational structure of the State Control Committee includes a law enforcement agency – the Financial Investigations Department – as well as a financial intelligence agency – the Financial Monitoring Department. These agencies increase the efficiency and effectiveness of state control.
The State Control Committee can carry out high-level and high-quality audits due to organized interactions among its departments and to effective powers granted to the SAI through legislation. The State Control Committee has the right to initiate administrative proceedings against individuals and legal entities, issue injunctions against violations, return unduly received budget funds, and conduct investigations to detect and prevent crimes in the economic sphere.
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