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Collegium of the State Control Committee considered the issues of manufacture, procurement and sale of veterinary products

On 29 October 2015 Collegium of the State Control Committee considered the results of audit of the use of funds allocated for the implementation of the State program for development of production of veterinary products in 2010-2015.
Opening the session, Chairman of the Committee Leonid Anfimov stated that the obligation within the state program implemented fully only by the government which sent 26.2 billion Belarusian Rubles (BYR) from the national budget to develop technologies of new veterinary products. Explaining the interest to this sector, the head of the State Control Committee noted that the annual monetary turnover in veterinary (including food additives, other specific ingredients and products for veterinary use) is a half billion dollars. This year the validity of the program ends, but it’s early to talk about its full realization.
The main goal of the program is to provide Belarusian livestock with domestic veterinary products. This goal didn't reached. Today, Belarus imports 75% of the veterinary products and spends on them 120 million dollars per year. Although 62 organizations have licenses for manufacture of veterinary products.
The head of the Main Department of the State Control Committee Sergey Fedchenko noted that Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Belarus, which is the State customer and coordinator of the program, let things run themselves. Only 35 from 50 technologies of manufacture of veterinary products were developed within the program. The absence of price controls on veterinary products allows trading organizations to apply unjustified price increase. The sales through intermediaries increase the cost for agricultural organizations.
Collegium of the State Control Committee took note that the violations of budget legislation and the lack of proper control by the responsible authorities have led to excessive spending of BYR 15.7 billion of budgetary funds and the injury in the amount of BYR 1.1 billion. Failure to comply with the licensing legislation has led to income from veterinary activities conducted with violations in the amount of BYR 1.7 billion.
The audit materials were forwarded to law enforcement bodies for legal assessment.
Collegium of the State Control Committee decided to inform the Council of Ministers, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food and the National Academy of Sciences about audit results.
The State Control Committee has proposed to the Government to assess the facts of inadequate control in veterinary by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food and consider the issue on introduction of state regulation of prices for veterinary products.
The Ministry of Agriculture and Food must bring officials from the Department of veterinary control to strict disciplinary responsibility up to dismissal and consider the issue of restriction of use of imported veterinary products, similar to domestic.
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