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21 July 2011 Belarus attends EGMONT Group plenary session

A delegation of the Financial Monitoring Department of the State Control Committee of Belarus headed by director Alexander Maksimenko took part in the 19th plenary session of EGMONT Group (an informal association of financial intelligence units from 127 countries) held in Yerevan (Armenia) on 11-15 July this year.

The plenary week included the plenary session, meetings of the EGMONT Committee, heads of financial intelligence units, working groups, regional representatives. Training seminars examined issues relating to the operation of financial intelligence units, information exchange, fight against corruption and recovery of criminal proceeds, development of information technology and use of the data on cross-border transfer of funds and data transmission systems.

The organizers of the plenary week praised the active participation of Belarus in the events organized by the Egmont Group. As part of the Egmont Group session in Yerevan, officials of Belarus’ Department for Financial Monitoring held meetings with heads of financial intelligence services of foreign countries. In addition, an agreement on cooperation in combating money laundering and terrorist financing was signed with the financial Intelligence Unit of Saudi Arabia.

Since Belarus' accession to the Egmont Group the information exchange between the Department of Financial Monitoring and its foreign counterparts has increased almost threefold. Membership in the Egmont Group gives access to meaningful information, which is effectively used in the investigation of criminal cases involving economic crimes, especially money laundering, embezzlement, tax evasion.

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