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The Collegium of the State Control Committee considered the issues of compliance with the land and environmental legislation

The Collegium of the State Control Committee considered the issues of compliance with the land and environmental legislation
 First Deputy Chairman of the State Control Committee Dmytro Basko chaired the Collegium (board meeting). Deputy Prime Minister Leonid Zaits took part in the event. Representatives of ministries, departments, regional executive committees and Minsk City Executive Committee were also invited.


The board considered the results of the Committee's control of compliance with land and environmental legislation in 2023 in 12 areas, for each of which there are relevant instructions from the Head of State.


Thus, the efficiency of the established land management system was assessed, as well as the provision of specific measures to overcome the reduction of agricultural land for agricultural purposes with a simultaneous increase in land under tree and shrub vegetation (ASV).


The issues of work on land inventory, formation of action plans to restore order on land, taking appropriate measures to involve lands under ASV into economic turnover by 2030, determination of a unified order of location, development and reclamation of on-farm quarries were considered.


Particular attention is paid to the demolition of unusable and unexploited objects of agricultural organizations with the involvement of vacated plots in economic turnover, as demolition plans are being implemented at a slow pace and there is a possibility that by the deadline of 01.01.2026 set by the Head of State all planned objects will not be demolished.


The Committee's special control is focused on timely identification and registration of vacant residential buildings and land plots on which they are located, as well as unfinished residential buildings exceeding the established construction period within the framework of Decree No. 87 "On Some Measures to Reduce Uncompleted Construction of Unmaintained Residential Buildings and Dachas". In 2023 alone, the SCC identified about 800 land plots where the deadlines for completing the construction of houses were exceeded, but the necessary response measures were not taken.


The Collegium has developed recommendations for solving problems and remedying the situation in all the considered areas of land resources management and governance.


The implementation of the Collegium's resolution has been taken under control.

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