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29.10.2020 Audit findings of the execution of the budget of the Union State for 2019 were considered at joint meeting of SAIs of Belarus and Russia Boards

During a joint inspection, the State Control Committee of Belarus and the Accounts Chamber of Russia confirmed the data of the report of the Council of Ministers of the Union State on the execution of the budget of the Union State for 2019 in terms of revenues and expenditures. The results of the check were considered on October 29, 2020 at a joint meeting of the SAIs Boards, which was held via videoconference.
The meeting also approved the Plan of joint activities of two SAIs for 2021. It provides for a number of control (audit) activities, including incpection of the use of the Union budget funds allocated for the implementation of the program on the protection of the population and rehabilitation of the territories affected by the Chernobyl disaster, audit of the fulfillment of obligations under the Agreement between the governments of Russia and Belarus on the establishment and activities of the Russian-Belarusian University. Seminars and other events are also planned.
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